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This page is dedicated to Writing for Refugees.

Refugees Welcome, Refugee Crisis, Save Refugees
Photography by Doug Kuntz

What’s going on?

Fellow humans are dying every day, right now. Innocent children, men and women are losing their lives and their families  every second. They have been forced out of their own homes and their own country due to fear of death, relentless war and an enormous lack of adequate resources.


ISIS is a terrorist organization, not a Muslim or Islamic organization. ISIS has a plan to inject fear into the free-world, resulting in the isolation of the Muslim race. ISIS knows how to instill fear resulting in hatred, especially from the west, so that they can use it to prove to its followers that we want to eradicate them. When we submit to their plan, when we begin to discriminate against one race for the actions of a small percentage, we create more problems than solutions.


Let’s try to alter our perception here. Let’s imagine that we are the ones being isolated, hated and deprived of basic resources every second of every day. Let’s imagine that the rest of the world has teamed up against Americans. Let’s imagine the world has united against our nation as a whole, blaming each and every one of us for the war that has created a crisis of tragedy and horror. Let’s then imagine that they began to bomb us, push us out of our country, and create a plan to ensure our isolation solely based on our nationality. What would you do?


Let’s keep going. Can you imagine if the world decided to blame all white-American people for the Colorado movie theatre massacre, the Sandy Hook school-shooting, or the execution of innocent African-Americans during their attempt to peacefully worship God in church? If you were the rest of the world, would you isolate yourself based on the principle that “some of them might be dangerous, so we should isolate all of them”? Do you think you should be isolated and blamed for the actions of a small percentage?

This page is and the poetry that accompanies it is an act of solidarity. It is a pledge meant to get people’s attention.

Will you join me by Writing for Refugees? 

Submit poetry for refugees by visiting the contact page or e-mailing me at shannonmckenna@thewritethroughlife.com.


Poetry for Refugees

Refugees Welcome

refugees, life, poetry, writing for refugees, photography, Syria, Serbia, Europe
Photography by Doug Kuntz

Refugees Are Not Enemies

Refugees Not Enemies, Stand Up for Refugees, Refugeecrisis, crisis, spread love, writersgonnawrite, fortheloveofwritingrefugees, life, poetry, writing for refugees, photography, Syria, Serbia, Europe
Photography by Doug Kuntz

Stand Up For Refugees

Refugee Crisis, Stand up for Refugees, writersgonnawrite, fortheloveofwriting, refugees, life, poetry, writing for refugees, photography, Syria, Serbia, Europe
Photography by Doug Kuntz


As a wise Refugee NGO creator, volunteer and close-friend proposed:

“Repeat after me: the greater good is more important than me, as an individual.

Repeat after me: as a human, what hurts one of us hurts all of us.

Repeat after me: only love can conquer hate, and I am capable of spreading that light.”

Refugees, Welcome Refugees,

-Alexandria South, Refugee’s Anthem



If you’d like to submit poetry for refugees, please visit the contact page or e-mail me at shannonmckenna@thewritethroughlife.com.