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Where True Love Is

true love, love, photography, poetry, poetry community, writing, fortheloveofwriting, collaboration, poetry, thewritethroughlife

A Photo-Poetry Collaboration:

Poem by Benoit Clement

Photo by Shannon McKenna


true love, love, poetry, poetry community, writing, fortheloveofwriting, collaboration, poetry, thewritethroughlife

 Where True Love Is

True love ’s first kiss

Goes something like this:

Acknowledged and embraced,

Your insecurities are laid to waste.


By letting go of fear 

and who you hold most dear;

Unconditional love surrounds you

Connecting your soul with all around who

Resonate at your deepest core

Knowing that all your needs be met means more


More love to give, more love to receive

Embracing each other’s true identity

No rules, “if’s”, “and’s” or “but’s”

We’re no longer a world of cheaters, players and sluts


I’ll be me, and you’ll be you

A limitless inner self allowed to shine true.

Radical transparency—I see you, you see me

No assumptions, games, or mind-reading.

No foundations built with missing pieces.

“One being true to one’s self” is the thesis.


All the lovers we have and have had

Leaving stars in our skies for us to be glad

That all our desires and curiosities can be explored

Rapidly evolving our inner cores

Each experience leaving one with something new

Then finding these gems to cherish in us too


I’ll love me for me 

and you for you. 

This is where we’ll always find bliss

No fear or ego, but true love’s first kiss



This poem was originally posted by Benoit Clement on 

Click here to view the original post and more of Benoit’s work.


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