Wellness Content Writing

Hello, my name is Shannon McKenna.

Welcome to my wellness content writing & graphics page. 

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I provide wellness content, graphics &

social media management for

wellness businesses

including but not limited to:

**Psychology & Counseling 

**Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

**Authors in wellness, psychology, personal development & more

**Entrepreneurs selling essential oils & other wellness products

**Wellness & personal development coaches

**Massage therapists & other wellness services 

My Mission:

  1. Produce unique, engaging SEO content & graphics to generate valuable customers for your wellness business
  2. Reveal social & psychological truths, increase awareness & open minds to generate customers
  3. Tailor content to your business & target audience(s) as needed
  4. Use strictly credible research and sources, as always

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What are you waiting for?!

Shoot me a line below…

Let me know what kind of wellness content or graphics

you may need &

ask any questions

you may have

about my process.  

Rates are based on

project details and word count.

Please contact me below or via email for a quote!

Email: skm4266458@gmail.com

Looking for samples of my work?

I have listed various writing and graphics samples below; however, I cannot post my most relevant wellness ghostwriting samples publicly.

Please contact me above or via email for a more relevant sample.

Samples of Custom Graphics

Published Work 

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Money Saving Tips

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50 Great Student Discounts

“Best Of” Product and Service Reviews

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The Best Streaming Devices

The Cheapest Cell Phone Plans from Alternative Carriers

The Best Cheap Cell Phones for Seniors

The Best Bluetooth Speakers

Food and Drink

Captain Lawrence Brew Wins “Best Experimental Beer”

5 Yonkers Brunches You Don’t Want to Miss


Why do wellness businesses need content writing?

Content writing is a promotional strategy intended to help businesses reach a wider customer base. It does so by genuinely enhancing your target audience’s knowledge on topics related to your business.

If you’re in the wellness, personal development, or psychology arena, it’s important to establish credibility by providing valuable, credible information to potential customers online. Ultimately, customers want to know you’re genuinely interested in helping them, not just selling them something.

Do services include social media promotion? 

We can also agree on a package rate for social media set up and content promotion. This can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. The goal will be to create a harmonious voice across all of your digital platforms. This will allow us to get your brand recognized by Google and all potential customers. 

Why is social media promotion important?

Social media is the mecca for marketing. It’s important to take advantage of any free audiences that could allow your business to grow. We will come up with the perfect strategy for you based on verified market research and SEO guidelines. Don’t worry! 

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