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Welcome Refugees.

As I sit here on the couch, staring out at the canal below my Airbnb rental’s third-story window while on vacation in Amsterdam, I realize that I am not afraid of ISIS. I refuse to let their propaganda sway my opinion on letting innocent refugees into The United States.


I’m not worried about my life as I live and breathe freely; instead, I am worried about the lives of fellow families with innocent men, women and children. I’m worried about the hardships they endure as we block them from escaping a country that has been overrun by terrorists. Don’t you realize? This is exactly what ISIS wants.


They carried out attacks on Paris with a passport linking back to refugees in order to instill fear. Fear is their plan and right now, we’re letting them win. We’re letting them take away our freedom of thought, of religion and of diversity.


We are at war now: the free-world vs. ISIS. Their goal is to strengthen by instilling fear in us: fear for our safety resulting in racism and close-mindedness. Whether you like it or not, we have to trust and support our government and our president right now because they are and he is experienced in counterterrorism. Quite frankly, we have no choice. As for me, if the only way to help in this fight is to accept the people whom these assholes are terrorizing and murdering every day, then I will welcome Syrian refugees with open arms. To do anything other than that would be simply un-American.


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