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Vodka Thoughts

thoughts, poetry, vodka, words, filter, communication

thoughts, poetry, vodka, words, filter, communication

My thoughts were vodka;
my body,
their distillery…
filtering and filtering
before I let them out of me.
I wasn’t being me.
You weren’t seeing me.
You had superiority,
to me.
You were simply
but now I know better.


Vodka Thoughts – Expressing Ourselves

It can be hard to express our inner thoughts. Confrontation is specifically hard. Sometimes it seems like disagreeing or starting an argument with someone is the absolute worst thing that could happen. It doesn’t feel socially acceptable. 

Some of us have trouble expressing our disagreement because we don’t want to cause any lasting issues. In relation, some of us have trouble expressing any thoughts at all because we fear someone might judge them or dislike what they hear. I have trouble with both. 

I have always had this fear inside of me that whoever I was around might be put off by what I was doing or saying. I guess I’ve been treated that way more than a couple of times throughout my lifetime; so it’s no wonder. 

Anyway, whatever instances I have experienced have made it extremely hard for me to express myself to people I love, especially when I don’t agree with them. In those instances, I can feel the thoughts flowing from my head to my mouth, but they really just won’t come out. 

How Do We Express Vodka Thoughts?

I think the only way to fix this problem is with awareness and practice. Be more aware of the thoughts you suppress and try to identify why you’re suppressing them.

  • Are you worried that whatever you have to say will provoke rejection?
  • Does your sense of self-worth need some work?

Once you have determined why, practice saying your thoughts out loud, even just when nobody’s around. When you notice yourself holding thoughts in, push them out with all of your might. Whether you know it or not, you are loved and your thoughts were meant to be heard; it’s your duty to let them be heard.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Leave me a reply in the comments and let’s talk about it. 🙂

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