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Versatile Bloggers Award

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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I have been nominated by Nay Evans at Think. Write. Heal. Love. for the Versatile Bloggers Award! Thank you Nay!¬†It is always amazing to hear that someone out there enjoys my writing. ūüôā

Nay is a blogger¬†who¬†injects¬†genuine, heartfelt emotion into her writing, which is why I like her site so much. Her writing reflects her¬†genuine feelings: the good, the bad and the ugly, which makes¬†her easy to relate to. It’s not every day that I read something I feel so internally connected to.¬†Check out her post on Reciprocity¬†to see what I mean! You won’t regret an e-mail subscription to her beautiful work. Thank you again Nay!!

Now comes the hard part: I was supposed to pick 10 Versatile Bloggers¬†of my own to nominate for this award;¬†however,¬†I am posting¬†7 blogs instead of 10 because some never got back to me and others didn’t have time to complete the challenge, which I totally understand! In fact, between working 6 days a week and maintaining The Write Through Life, I have barely had enough time to complete this challenge. As a result,¬†I have decided that 7 is enough! ūüėÄ

So, here are 7 amazingly Versatile Blogger Award Winners¬†I truly recommend you¬†read through¬†and follow! I wouldn’t be listing them if I didn’t really recommend them BTW. That’s why this post took so long for me to finish!¬†ūüôā¬†

And the winners are:

My Unsettling Life: Paola is an amazingly inspiring human being. Born in Venezuela and currently living in the UK, she has experienced¬†a life full of travel and adventure. At 29, she has been to 31 countries and has changed her career various times. She is a living example of the kind of person I long to be, which is why I chose her as a Versatile blogger. Paola is¬†positive¬†and uses her writing and experience to help others gain information and understanding in multiple¬†aspects of their own lives including travel, food, decor, beauty and living. I especially love her article on¬†turning off your electronics on airplanes. I always wondered if that was an outdated procedure! Upon reading through her blog, I was¬†instantly¬†motivated to continue on my own personal journey, which is the feeling I hope to get from reading any blog, book or article. I know she will give you the same motivation! ūüôā


The Keys to the Seachest: A U.S. Navy memoir: I can guarantee you’ve never read anything like Nicole’s experiences as a woman in the U.S. Navy. Her articles are filled with pictures painted through her emotional and descriptive words. She writes in a way that brings you right into the moment, into the emotions she felt having to deal with various scenarios in the Navy. I most enjoyed her¬†article on how¬†being a woman was sometimes the toughest job in the Navy. I don’t know how she, or any woman in the Navy, builds up the courage and stamina to deal with men who see the world from a perspective that they¬†are more superior than women. This is something that needs to be discussed in order to be changed, and Nicole has done an exceptional job in doing so.¬†You will not regret following!


Fashion Demur: At Fashion Demur, Blogger Elyse Notarianni¬†finds a balance between fashion and individuality, which is why I chose her as a Versatile Blogger. Not necessarily your typical¬†fashionista, Elyse often discusses how¬†girls who don’t have a million dollars can buy the latest clothing and accessories that let their uniqueness shine through. I especially enjoyed her blogpost¬†9 BLOGGERS SHARE FEMINIST FASHION CHOICES THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU. It relays¬†the idea that women can, and often do,¬†wear makeup and heels out of their own preference, not the preference of any man. Additionally, Elyse has a section of her blog called “Feminism Friday,” where she posts an article¬†regarding¬†women and/or gender inequalities each week. This week’s article is all about the Rio olympics,¬†sexist reporting and the positive impact of gender discriminatory coverage. Check out this blog!! ¬†


The Letter Kay: Kayli is a free-spirited lady blogger writing about various aspects¬†of life. I love her¬†perspective on life: her free spirit and determination to act on change instead of just talking about it on social media. I believe Kayli is part of the generation that is going to transform our world into a better place, which is why I chose her as a Versatile Blogger.¬†I especially love her article called, “Don’t Boo, Act” where she discusses what’s wrong with posting about important issues on social media instead of getting out and acting on them. It’s so true! Maybe our world would be a better place if we all acted instead of hiding behind our screens… something to think about! Follow Kayli for consistently¬†thoughtful and well-written posts! ūüôā Kim’s minimalist side and open-mind is what inspired me to choose her as a Versatile Blogger. Her site is all about living a sustainable life through minimalism, fair fashion and travel. Kim writes about fair fashion and the importance of getting our clothes from legitimate sources, which is something most of us rarely think twice about. I love that her site brings awareness to this issue. Additionally, I¬†love¬†her article on the benefits of living like a minimalist; in fact, Kim has inspired me to begin my own journey to minimalism and I can’t wait to utilize her thoughts and actions along the way! I hope you will read through and follow her blog to get a taste of what you can be doing to¬†support fair fashion and minimize¬†your own life.


Art in Cities:¬†A flower bloomed out of¬†her passion for art and cities, this blog is a look at traveling, food and architecture¬†throughout¬†various cities from Kiara’s unique perspective. I especially love her articles on Paris and on starting your own travel blog. I was in Paris last November and seeing her pictures compared to mine was very cool! Her love for the city matched my own and I can only hope to go back some day for a longer stay after reading through her post. Additionally, her article¬†about starting your own travel blog is detailed and extremely useful for anyone beginning this journey. Please give it a read and follow Kiara for awesome pictures, travel posts and art in cities! ūüôā


A Life in Practice: Claire is a mommy blogger from South East England, but not just any mommy blogger. She¬†write’s about the uglier side of parenting: the failures and inadequacies that come along with parenting and life. I chose Claire as a Versatile Blogger because I believe her blog will help other mothers cope with the woes that parents have to deal with. One of my favorite articles from Claire is called “The 5 Things You Learn About Friendship Once You Have Kids.” This article talks about friendships, describing them as different from the relationships we held onto as kids. Do you remember talking on the phone with your best friend for hours whenever you weren’t attached at the hip every waking moment? Well, according to Claire, adult relationships are allowed to be a lot different, especially after you have a kid. Check out and subscribe to her site! ūüôā


Next¬†I’m supposed to give you 7 fun facts about my blog and myself. Here goes!

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Backpacking through Europe! This is a picture of me taken at a subway station in France last November ūüôā

1. I am 23 and 5’5″ with freckles and super curly auburn colored hair.

2. I am obsessed with psychology and could read/talk about it for hours on end.

3. I am extremely interested in the meaning of life and figuring out my personal legend, as “The Alchemist” puts it. I just finished reading it for the first time!

4. When I’m in the mood, I can write for hours about the most random things and I love to do so. It takes reading through my articles 17 million times before I feel able to post them publicly, though, which is why you won’t see many of those random ramblings here on The Write Through Life.¬†

5. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Arts and Journalism with a minor in psychology and am thinking about getting a masters (and phd???) in some field within psychology at some point (who knows when?!). ¬†¬†

6. I have traveled to 5 new countries and 24 new states in just the past year. 

7. I believe that change is necessary¬†for growth, so I vow¬†to never stop evolving my ideas and actions. The Write Through Life is my depiction of that belief and of my hope that others will catch on through reading, writing/discussing and keeping an open mind. ūüôā


Lastly, I want to congratulate all of the amazing bloggers mentioned in this post! You¬†have all truly motivated me to continue on this journey of life while writing my way through it. Thank you for that! ūüôā



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