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The Write Through Life

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When I write through life,

my mind is made clear…

and I cease hearing fears

in the back of my ears.


How do you express your thoughts?

According to The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin, we can achieve a more organized mind in this age of ample information by writing down each and every thought we encounter.

When we experience thoughts we can’t seem to let go of, they become part of a pendulum. In order to stop the pendulum from swinging, we must express those thoughts (Levitin).

Ultimately, expression of seemingly insignificant ideas can clear our minds to let other, possibly more valuable ideas in. It can make it easier for us to interpret our mind’s conceptions. It can also help us overcome unnecessary fears and anxiety.

I agree with this notion. In fact, I created The Write Through Life to express each new idea that results from writing out my every day thoughts. I use a notebook or the notes app on my iPhone to write down pretty much everything I’m thinking about. It helps me overcome fears, create new perceptions and it inspires me to create visual poetry and articles to convey these new perceptions.

Although writing is extremely effective for me, I believe there are many creative outlets we can use to free up space in our heads. Maybe it’s drawing, taking photographs, painting, carving wood, or even putting together cars and motorcycles.

Do you have an organized mind?

 How do you free up space for new ideas and perceptions? 


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