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Spent – Overcoming Fear and Self-Destruction

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overcoming fear and self-destruction, spent, emotions, personal development


I feel spent

because I can’t

figure out what’s best

and I don’t think I can rest until I do.

I would ask you for help

but you can’t tell me

the right thing for me…

can you?

Overcoming Fear and Self-Destruction – Do You Ever Feel Spent?

This poem is a form of expressive writing about overcoming fear and self-destruction. It’s my way of attempting to crawl out of this funk I feel so stuck in lately.

Sometimes it’s hard to persevere when we aren’t achieving our goals as quickly as we had imagined. I’ve been struggling with this and with my fear of failure. I think self-worth has something to do with it too.

When we fail or when we don’t achieve goals as quickly as we want to, our true self-worth really shines through. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been so focused on what I’m doing wrong that I can’t even begin to think about what I’m doing right, and that’s where my problem lies.

It’s made me realize I need to work hard to accept myself and my mistakes every day, no matter how big or small. We are all just human, after all.

I was reading an article this morning on ways to break a self-destructive cycle that really helped me slip back into a positive attitude. Here’s what it said:

“Looking for the gift, no matter how small, in each negative experience helps reframe the thoughts associated with the experience.” -Luke Stangel, “Shirzad Chamine: Five Strategies to Challenge Negative Thoughts” from Stanford Business.

This is what I’m doing today… looking for the gifts! I hope you do too. 🙂

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