refugee crisis, life, poetry

Refugees Welcome

refugee crisis, life, poetry
Photography by Doug Kuntz

As I lay awake tonight

I think about your perilous life.

I attempt to envision it,

try to relate,

but I’ve simply never witnessed

such violence and hate.

As I lay awake tonight

I wonder what it must be like:

being bombed, robbed and risking your life,

to live another day

in a world that can’t help but fight.

As I lay awake tonight

I try to imagine your feelings, your plight.

Are you freezing, wet or luckily dry?

Do you lay awake thinking? Are you studying the sky?

As I lay awake tonight

I have you in my heart

and I pledge to fight…

for your sanity, safety and for your survival.

Let’s unite in opposition

against our rivals.



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Photography by Doug Kuntz

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