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Reflections of the Universe

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Some days the sea

can be

mistaken for the sky

and I think I know why…

because you and me

are not as distinct

as we think

from the universe;

actually, we’re all quite in sync. 

Reflections of The Universe

Have you ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? If not, here’s a little synopsis of what I got from the book.

Firstly, it’s a story about Santiago, a young man who tears himself away from his comfortable life and the safety net he has created for himself as a shepherd. It is a story about a man who enables himself to listen to the so-called “language of the universe” by becoming more conscious of his inner voice and his surroundings. It is a story that was created to explain how nature and everything in it are all various forms of one spirit: the spirit of the universe. 

His journey sprouts out of a recurring dream. He dreams that a child is telling him to seek treasure at the foot of the Egyptian Pyramids. He isn’t sure about the dream, so he goes to see a gypsy. To his surprise, the gypsy tells him to go to Egypt. After meeting a king, Santiago learns that he is destined to seek out his Personal Legend: the treasure at the foot of the pyramids. He sells all of his sheep and sets off to find his personal treasure.  

On his journey, Santiago encounters the “language of the universe” on various occasions. It comes in the form of omens or signs, such as the wind or the sun’s rays. It seems to be everywhere he looks, as long as he is aware of what he is looking at. Ultimately, the universe helps him along his journey with these discrete signs. The idea is that when you want something badly enough, all of the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. My favorite quote from the book describes it best…

“When you want something with all your heart, that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World. It’s always a positive force.” 

 The Alchemist is a story about intrinsic motivation in my eyes. Another word for this is passion. Passion, I believe, is what drives many of us to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and past our fears. Passion, or internal motivation, is something humans are born with. We’re internally driven toward change and growth. Every person’s way is different. Every person’s personal legend is different. 

Unfortunately, most of us choose never to listen to the unconscious voice of the universe inside of us. We ignore our little voices that tell us to make a change, do something different. Many of us are almost completely unaware of the universe’s presence in all things, large and small.

It is only when we learn to listen to the “language of the universe” as Santiago says, that we will be able to understand what our own unique personal legend entails.

Listen to your inner voice and become aware of the omens leading your way. Stop ignoring the dreams, the voices, the seemingly apparent signs, and you may find that it’s those things which can make your life meaningful.

Are you familiar with the language of the universe? 


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