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This Path to Individuality

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I notice me
fighting to maintain sanity
 on the path
to individuality…
striving to face reality
at all costs. 


Society tells us to spend the first half of our lives figuring out how to become comfortable. Once we get there, it leads us to believe we should stay there. Why would we leave, after all? We feel safe when we feel comfortable. 

In “The Road Less Traveled,” M. Scott Peck explains that life isn’t about stagnancy, it’s about evolution. He describes spiritual balance as a commitment to reality, love and the possibility of change. He defines mental health as “an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs,” (Peck, 2003). Conclusively, sanity requires facing pain and facing reality in order to evolve and overcome that pain on our path to an authentic life.

Personal growth, then, happens as a result of overcoming pain. We cannot expect to live an authentic life until we can love ourselves and accept the reality of our experiences. That’s my goal: to map out my path to individuality by staying open to change, love and suffering. I will find my personal legend by facing reality at all costs and by using that reality to guide me.

Are you stuck in a comfort zone?

Do you agree that life is about personal growth instead of stagnancy?



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