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How Can I Not Think Too Much?

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Is it Really Possible to Overthink?

I’ve heard it so many times.

“Shannon, you gotta stop thinking so much.”

“He thinks too much.”

But recently I came across the theory that it’s not possible to overthink; however, it is possible to think in an inefficient, unproductive way.

The theory comes from M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in the Age of Anxiety.

It led me to believe that if I were prepared for my influx of daily thoughts, maybe prepared to organize them in some way each day, I could use them to my advantage instead of letting them overwhelm me.

I wrote this poem after reading about this in the book.

People often say
“You think too much”
as if I can help
or control
the number of thoughts
that arise
when the world
is in shambles…
just like my self-esteem.
Well I can’t
can’t control the number
the number of thoughts
that invade when
I don’t feel good enough,
for example…
But what I can do
is prepare,
prepare for the
inevitable invasion
of these thoughts
so that next time
and every time after…
I am ready.

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