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Looking at you feels like looking at the moon.

Just as it lights the dark sky,

you light mine;

and just like the moon is to the sky,

 you’re my forever guy. 


Sometimes I write love poems because the love we’ve decided to entangle ourselves in has become better than I could have ever imagined. I love you. <3 🙂


How do you define love?

I’ve recently read about and realized what I believe to be the true definition of the word. Love is not a feeling, something fleeting. Instead, love is a choice, a vital decision. But before we can make the decision to love others, we must figure out what it means to love ourselves.

How do you attain balance in your unique daily life? Maybe you wake up and exercise each morning to kick-start your day. Maybe you put aside time to do some sort of arts and crafts each day to keep your mind afloat. In my eyes, the commitment to nurturing your unique physical and emotional balance is the essence of self-love.

Whatever it may entail, we should all be conscious of what it means to love ourselves daily. We should choose to love ourselves because, if not, we may find it much harder to spread our love to others. 

What do you think?

 Is love a feeling or a decision? Do you think we need to commit to loving ourselves before choosing to love others?

Leave me a reply in the comments! 🙂 


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