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It’s Ok to be an Introvert

introvert, self-love, poem, poetry community, fortheloveofwriting, thewritethroughlife, writing, photography

introvert, poem, poetry community, fortheloveofwriting, thewritethroughlife, writing, photography

It’s Ok to be an Introvert

Not everyone can see

you are an introvert like me:

eating alone and roaming free

fighting away insecurity

by wandering independently.

It’s Ok.

We’re not all meant to be

vibrant personalities exuding extroverted qualities

but we’ve built this world

around that belief.

Isn’t it a relief?

Now we can stop trying to be


someone we are not.

Are You An Introvert?

Our world is built on the extrovert ideal. It’s the assumption that people are naturally outgoing, good at communication and seeking social stimulation. Anyone who doesn’t exude these characteristics naturally might be considered an introvert.

Introverts vs. Extroverts

To put it differently, introverts and extroverts tend to have polar-opposite personality traits. As such, they are both necessary to balance each other out in society, contrary to what you may have been influenced to believe.

Here are some specific traits that many, not all, introverts and extroverts display. Keep in mind, however, that there is a spectrum for everything. Plenty of people out there have a good mix of both introverted and extroverted qualities.


  • Introverts enjoy their alone time.
  • They are often labeled shy, secluded, sensitive and deep thinkers.
  • They prefer deep conversations over small talk and small get-togethers with close friends over wild parties, for the most part.
  • Ultimately, they react to certain events and stimuli differently than extroverts do.


  • Extroverts are outgoing.
  • They are empowered by stimulating activities like parties and socialization.
  • They make decisions and communicate quickly and confidently.
  • To an extrovert, attention is invigorating.

They dominate many of the rules of society for these reasons.

Introverts Balance Extrovert Societies

Introverts are believed to have some neurosis if they are bad at speaking up in public and would rather paint a picture or read a book alone. That is not the case.

According to Quiet by Susan Cain, introverts balance an extrovert society. Here’s how.


  • are less impulsive.
  • think deeply about decisions before making them while extroverts tend to be overly confident, even when they’re wrong.
  • are empathetic, which makes them great listeners.
  • have soft, sensitive personalities, which makes them easy to get along with.
  • are agreeable and dislike conflict.

Extroverts rule society’s assumptions about behavior because of their natural confidence. It doesn’t help that introverts tend to avoid conflict whenever possible. As a result, we are made to believe we must be outgoing and overly confident to gain success.

Instead of wondering if there’s something wrong with us, we should open our eyes to the good we can do with our personalities. Our soft nature and isolated tendencies allow us to master skills we’re passionate about, connect on a more intimate level to others, and think about our decisions deeply beforehand.

There is plenty an introvert can do that an extrovert can’t. We’ve just always been too quiet and full of self-doubt to recognize it.

To Introverts

My message to the introverts out there who have always been made to believe you are weird or different is this:

  • Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior because you are not the same as them. Your differences are what make you great. Some of the most successful people in history are/were introverts, including Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Cultivate your unique traits instead. Commit to them and steer them in the right direction toward whatever you are passionate about.
  • Focus on what you love to do. Write every day. Create every day. Read every day; whatever it takes.

Show the extroverts of the world what you can do because you may not be the best at saying it.

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