Health Content Writing

Health Content Writing

Hello, my name is

Shannon McKenna.

Welcome to my

Health Content Writing


Health Content Writing and Custom Digital Designs

I increase reach and engagement

to drive sales and establish credibility

for health brands

with unique and


SEO health content and

custom digital images.

Clients include but are not limited to:

**Natural Supplement Brands

**Holistic Health Brands

**Counseling and Mental Health Organizations

**Mental Health Practitioners

**Research Associations 

**Yoga, Meditation and Massage Therapy Practitioners

**Authors and Entrepreneurs in Mental and Physical Health

**Nutrition and Fitness Brands


My Mission:

  1. Expand brand reach and sales by transforming complex scientific research into engaging content target audiences can understand
  2. Boost brand engagement with SEO techniques and shareable custom images for top Google Search Rankings
  3. Build trust between health brands and consumers with thorough research, edits and proofreading
  4. Improve website click-through and bounce rates with SEO hyperlinking and eye-catching custom images
Content marketing can boost your audience and customer base.

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Quality health content helps businesses build trust and connect with more client faster.

Why do health businesses need content writing?

Content writing is a promotional strategy intended to help businesses reach a wider customer base.

It does so by genuinely enhancing your target audience’s knowledge on topics related to your business.

If you’re in the health, personal development or psychology arena, it’s important to establish credibility by providing valuable, engaging information from credible sources to potential customers online.

Ultimately, customers want to know you’re really interested in helping them, not just selling them something.