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Can You See Me? – Fighting Anxiety

poetry, poetry society, real me, makeup, mask, anxiety, photo poetry

poetry, poetry society, real me, makeup, mask, anxiety, photo poetry

Put on my makeup,

put on my mask…

build a big wall

no one can get past.

Then dig out a moat

to protect my throat

from spewing out the wrong words

and analyzing for hours afterward…

Can you see the real me?

Anxious Thoughts

Sometimes, I find myself wondering why I do the things I do. Why do I put on makeup? Why do I stay silent when I have things to say? Ultimately, the answer is fear and anxiety.

I am constantly afraid that my true self won’t be accepted. I am constantly wondering whether what I have to say is necessary and whether or not those around me care to hear it. Sometimes my mind even paralyzes my body in these moments. Do these feelings sound familiar?

Fighting Anxiety and Fear

It can be really hard to overcome internal fears and anxiety, especially when they’re embedded in us via past experiences and social ideals. If we want to fight them, though, we’re going to have to look deep inside of ourselves.

We need to try to understand where our fears and anxiety come from if we want to transcend them. It’s definitely not easy, but they say it’s doable.

And listen, we may also need help from others too. Don’t be afraid to go to therapy or take medication if necessary. These things can seriously help and there is no shame in having these feelings; so many of us do.

How do you perpetuate self-acceptance and fight anxiety in your life?

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