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Falling Up

falling up, photo poem, collaboration, photography, poetry

A Photo-Poetry Collaboration

Poems by Michael Chavez

Photos by Shannon McKenna

falling up, photo poem, collaboration, photography, poetry

Falling Up

I found a great person. 
I realized that there’s not much anyone knows about him. 
He’s not mysterious or anything. 
I think it’s just that not many people care to look.

I’m not saying he’s nothing to look at. 
But I guess when it comes down to it, 
He’s just easy to read. 
Easy to hear his thoughts.

I wonder if he knows that the people he cares about don’t really care about him the same way? 
It’s not reciprocated love. 
Platonic sometimes, others not.

Something tells me that he doesn’t care how they feel. 
He would love them anyways. 
That’s not the point of love. 
You don’t love to be loved back.

You love because . . . 
Well. . . 
because you love. 
That’s what love is. 
I still wish they’d love me. 


destiny, photo poetry, collaboration, writing, poems, sun, sunset


Heavenly bodies over pastures in night 
I see you shining 
Though I do not want to see you go 
Someday we won’t have a choice anymore 
I know somehow we’ll run away but until that day I can’t watch you burn the same way I did 
Could I pull you closer? 
Or would that spell disaster? 
Either way I’ll still be here. 


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