Everything Is Different Now

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The sand is a soft blanket on the bottom of my tough feet.

It reminds me of the memories that shaped my personality.

When I was a kid, everything was different:

my outlook on life so shallow,

my idea of a future so narrow.

Everything is different now,

I’m learning how,

to cope with my surroundings, or change them if 

I’m drowning…

Which I very well may be, in a sea of opportunity,

where I’m not getting the support I need,

to persevere and succeed.

Can you help me straighten my backbone…



3 thoughts on “Everything Is Different Now

  1. Beautiful!! As humans we need to persevere and continuously try to grow as people and learn from our mistakes. While at times it feels like we are drowning and our bones are breaking without us having any control, I know for a fact your backbone will only grow stronger and you will get what you deserve because I do think good things happen to good people! Keep on my writing my friend, you have a voice that can reach millions!

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