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Refill – Coping With Burnout

refill, refill the soul, be yourself, find yourself, labor day, photography, poetry

refill, coping with burnout, be yourself, photography, poetry

What do you do

to refill your soul

when it’s become empty

instead of full?

Do you take your time and breathe real deep…

or paint away your worries and grief?

Maybe you relax and go to bed

or stay up to read and write instead.

Well it’s poetry

that sets me free,

refills my soul

and lets me be me.

Then I take a picture with the emotions I feel

and suddenly my soul is tangible, real.

Coping With Burnout

I was tagged by @poetrybymei on Instagram to do a poem on the word refill recently. As it turned out, it was a very suitable word for how I’m feeling now that summer’s coming to a close. I am totally burnt out. 

What do you do to refill your soul when you’re burnt out?

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