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Connecting with the Universe: A Photo-Poetry Collaboration Series

poetry, earth, wind, water, fire, life, photography, submission, poetrycommunity

Connecting with the Universe

A Photo-Poetry Collaboration Series

Poems by Micah HarshBarger

Photos by Shannon McKenna

poetry, earth, wind, water, fire, life, photography, submission, poetrycommunity


Earth’s Wind

My earth

I gently move over you and caress your surface

Your passages direct my never ending current

I flow through your mountains and into your valleys

Your firmness contains my force

I feed your deep inner fires

Your rising heat gives me power

I stir your waters and make waves lap against your shores

Your mist purifies and refreshes me

And I breathe life into your seed

  • -Micah HarshBarger

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Staring at the stars in the crisp air of the night

The air seems clearer than usual

The sky blacker

The stars brighter

One star no different than the rest catches my eye

I gaze for near eternity as if to focus on the now nonexistent sun

In a flash of super sensory, I can see the star and then the planets around it

And then civilizations upon them

Then back again I see all the stars in this small part of the sky

I truly feel my own insignificance

And can feel the enormous weight of our small planet pushing back against me

Looking back at the planet around the small star of long ago

I can feel another soul looking back at me

Through the same clear sky across time and space

The other mind not much different than mine

Full of life yet all alone

Looking for another to explore the heavens with

Whether they are looking back now, centuries ago

Or not yet but to come, matters not

But only the realization that there is life

-Micah HarshBarger 

wind, revenge, poetry, poetry community, photography, flower, petals, waves


Wind’s Revenge

You are the life of movement

Breath of the earth

Bringing trees their voice

Refreshment to petals

Nourishment to our souls

Yet we pay you no mind

Until you bring destruction

-Micah HarshBarger


Micah is a truly expressional writer and photographer. He writes and creates from deep within, ensuring unique detail and expression in every piece he produces. Here is a link to his explanation of and motivation for his art:



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