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You meet someone, after so long.

They seem unreachable, but you reach them.

They reach you.

You aren’t sure, but then you are.

All of a sudden, your world is changed.

It’s not just you, it’s you two.

The change, it’s shocking.

How to act now, what to offer, how much to give.

Emotions shown or not shown.

A need for them to get to the center, your center.

A need to get to the center, their center.

It doesn’t seem possible, maybe it is.

Maybe things only happen, when you let them.

Or is it when you make them, that they happen?

Caring is a factor, but it isn’t, not anymore.

Inevitability has fostered desire and confusion.

Not the same confusion from before.

This confusion is bigger, more important.

Wondering what will happen next.

Hoping with everything you have,

hoping for it to work.

Who knows what will end up.

I hope I end up with you.


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