The Box of Upbringing



as if

we were brought up

in a box…

only exposed

to what they chose,

until it happened…

The box opened,

and everything

that seemed so important,


now seems,



Material possessions,

all of the things you made us believe

meant something,

mean nothing.


So now,

after all of this time,

is our chance

to determine,

once and for all…

what is the meaning of all of this?


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if we had grown up without the influence of our parents and guardians? I think society’s impact on its inhabitants is often more detrimental than conducive to personal growth.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The Box of Upbringing

  1. The material possessions seem to just happen.
    Some think it makes kids happy.
    But sometimes it makes us happy.
    We always knew the real value.
    In spending time.
    Loving, laughing, connecting.
    We’re not as naive as you believe!
    Love, Helene

    1. I certainly don’t believe you are naive, nor my parents! Actually, I don’t know if naivety is what I’m trying to describe here…more like a set of misguided values that I’ve noticed gets instilled in many of us and leads to an attempt to achieve goals for the absolute wrong reasons, such as money! Then, once we figure it out, we say, “oh crap, this is not what makes me happy.” I just think it’s important to show kids that success is what we make it, it’s achieving goals that make us feel like we’re worth something. Thank you so much for commenting Helene! <3

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