Behind the Clouds

Moon, Waiting, Clouds, Lingering, photography, poetry, universe, stars

Moon, Waiting, Clouds, Lingering, photography, poetry

Behind the clouds

I linger,

waiting for my time to come:

the time when I can shine bright,

show my colors,

and enlighten the rest of the world…

just like you.


Emulating the Sun

It may seem weird to think of emulating a source of light instead of a human being, but I disagree. I often think about the notion that whatever is going on in our world is reflected in the universe. Time and time again, the universe proves it is quite in sync with what’s happening in the world if we pay attention. 

I often see myself in the sun, the moon, and the stars. It’s easier for me to relate to those sources of light rather than people because I know they have good intentions like I do; whereas, I’m not always so sure with other humans.

So, on this particular day, when I looked up and could see the sun, a perfect circle of light through the clouds, I knew I was it and it was me. I knew that I had some sort of divine purpose, a mission to give light to people in a different variation. Now, I’m working on that mission. 

Do you feel close to the universe?

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