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My name is Shannon McKenna and I am 26 years old. I graduated from Pace University in May 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts and Journalism and a minor in psychology. I love to write and I am in love with psychology and personal development.

Right now, I live in West Islip, New York with my lovely boyfriend Pablo. As of Winter 2019, Pablo and I have spent six years traveling the world and getting to know ourselves together.

In 2016, we took a month-long Eurotrip to some of the most amazing places we’ve ever seen, including towns in Norway, The Netherlands, France, and Spain. A week later, we left for a road-trip down to Florida and across the United States during which we made stops in Mississippi, New Orleans, New Mexico, Mexico, California, Nevada and Colorado.

We hit 26 states + Mexico all together! And we just did this trip a second time in December 2018.

Shannon, Paris, Louvre, travel, write, blogging, photographyThe Louvre, Paris 11/2015 

I believe traveling helps remind us to embrace the lives we live and the cultures that we aren’t used to in a world where we’re all just human, trying to figure out the best way to feel good about ourselves and our surroundings. In any case, traveling inspires me to write and take pictures.

Now that I have accumulated four years of experience with a degree to show for it, I finally have the confidence to pursue my passions: writing and psychology. Hence my content writing page. I’ve been freelance writing for several years now to sustain myself and my travel.

Travel Writing

“What’s next?” you might ask. That’s something I’ve been asking myself for years.

Right now, I’m working on applying to masters programs in Clinical Art Therapy and Counseling. I also desperately need to learn Spanish and continue my education in culturally responsive social justice and anti-racism work. We’ll see where that all takes me!

But for now, this blog is a reflection of my thoughts because I’m the kind of person who can only sort through thoughts by writing them down or capturing them in a picture. I hope that I’m able to connect and relate to you or some experience you’ve had, even the slightest bit, by making my thoughts public.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy what I have to say and show.

All photos and poems are completely original unless otherwise noted! 🙂

Shannon McKenna

320 Bay Walk

Ocean Beach, New York 11770

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