The Write Through Life’s Mission:

“Writing our way to self-love and social progress”


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“The Right to Life” in summation is the right to live and breathe without disruption of life by an outside party. Comparatively, this blog is based on a secondary interpretation of the right to life: we all have the right to write and create our way  toward self-love and social progress in life without disruption.

The Write Through Life provides a safe space for those who have been trampled by the extrovert ideal. It is a place for those of us who may be more sensitive, guarded and less outgoing to express ourselves openly, emotionally and without the fear of rejection or dejection.

Furthermore, it is a message to introverts that we shouldn’t feel bad or rude because we enjoy to be alone or we because we express ourselves in different ways. Our preferences for life and expression outline who we are. Instead of wanting to be someone else, we need to cultivate our quietness, our uniqueness and create impact through our own methods of expression.

We will write through life to achieve a greater understanding of our own and others’ thoughts, emotions and whatever might be motivating them.

We will vow to cultivate our unique characteristics and reach success via intrinsic motivation.

For Men, From Women

I enjoy expressing my own problems, opinions and experiences through pictures and words I’ve put together straight from the tornado twisting around in my head. It gives me an opportunity to create a relationship with you and with nature, which are my conclusive goals. 

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